ट्रेडिंग अकाउंट के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट - List of Tally Ledgers for Trading Account

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ट्रेडिंग अकाउंट के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट - List of Tally Ledgers for Trading Account
ट्रेडिंग अकाउंट के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट - List of Tally Ledgers for Trading Account

 List of Tally Ledgers for Trading Account (ट्रेडिंग अकाउंट के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट )

Ledger NameUnder Group
Sale ReturnSales
Purchase ReturnPurchase
CarriageDirect Expenses
Freight & CartageDirect Expenses
Import dutyDirect Expenses
Rent (Dr)Direct Expenses
RoyaltyDirect Expenses
WagesDirect Expenses

List of Tally Ledgers for Profit & Loss Account (लाभ और हानि खाते के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट )

Ledger nameUnder Group
AdvertisementIndirect Expenses
Bank chargesIndirect Expenses
Bill drawnIndirect Expenses
CarriageIndirect Expenses
Commission allowedIndirect Expenses
Discount allowedIndirect Expenses
Donation & charityIndirect Expenses
Free sampleIndirect Expenses
Insurance premiumIndirect Expenses
Interest on loanIndirect Expenses
Legal chargeIndirect Expenses
Loss by fireIndirect Expenses
Office lightingIndirect Expenses
Petty cashierIndirect Expenses
Postage & courierIndirect Expenses
Printing & stationeryIndirect Expenses
Rent (cr)Indirect Expenses
Repair chargeIndirect Expenses
SalaryIndirect Expenses
Sale taxIndirect Expenses
Taxi fireIndirect Expenses
Telephone chargeIndirect Expenses
Trade accountIndirect Expenses
Travelling expensesIndirect Expenses
Miscellaneous exp.Miscellaneous exp.
DepreciationIndirect Expenses
Commission ReceivedIndirect Income
Bed Debts RecoveredIndirect Income
Interest on DrawingIndirect Income
Discount ReceivedIndirect Income
Interest on InvestmentIndirect Income

List of Tally Ledgers for Balance Sheet (बैलेंस शीट के लिए टैली लेजर की लिस्ट )

Ledger NameUnder Group
Income TaxCapital
Life insuranceCapital
Reserves & SurplusReserves & Surplus
AdvanceCurrent Liabilities
Bank OverdraftCurrent Liabilities
Bill PayableCurrent Liabilities
Outstanding expensesCurrent Liabilities
Salary payableCurrent Liabilities
Creditor nameSundry Creditors
LoanLoan Liabilities
Branch in divisionBranch in division
Accrued expensesCurrent Liabilities
Prepaid rentMisc. Exp.- asset
Loss on theftStock in Hand
FurnitureFixed asset
GoodsFixed asset
Land & BuildingFixed asset
Long term investmentFixed asset
Machinery & plantFixed asset
BankCash at bank
CashCash in hand
StockStock in Hand
Debtor nameSundry Debtors
Bad debtorSundry Debtors
Bill receivableCurrent Assets
Good willCurrent Assets
National plantCurrent Assets
Prepaid expensesCurrent Assets
Short Term InvestmentCurrent Assets
Accrued incomeCurrent Assets

Other Ledger list

Group NameLedger Name

Purchase Accounts
All types of Purchase Accounts like
Purchase 5% Local
Purchase 12.5% Local
Purchase 2% Central
Purchase Import
Purchase Central C form
Purchase Central F form
Purchase Central H form
Purchase Central C+ E1 form
Purchase Return

Sales Account
All types of Sales Accounts like
Sales 5% Local
Sales 12.5% Local
Sales 2% Central
Sales Export
Sales Central C form
Sales Central F form
Sales Central H form
Sales Central C+ E1 form
Sale Return

Duties and Taxes
All types of Taxes like
Excise Duty Payable etc
Service Tax Payable
TDS Payable
Input Vat Accounts
Output Vat Accounts
Cenvat Accounts
Sale tax
Income Tax
VAT Payable


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